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"JD Murray is not a photographer, but an artist. He captures the essence of his subjects, so when you show his pictures of your children to others, they too see them as you see them." -Kelly Younger

"The best part was when we received the photos...Dozens with both of the boys together (how impossible is that?) and there were even more individual shots of each that captured them and the special little things about their personalities...I cannot say enough incredible things about JD the person and the photographer...I don't think you can have great photos, especially of children, from someone who is not extraordinary--JD is!" -Ida Peter

"I must first comment on how much fun our photo shoots are. Both my kids and I feel totally relaxed during our time together...You have an incredible ability to get the most natural pictures due to your skills at putting your subjects at ease...The pictures are simply amazing, but what I like most about them is how real they are. You capture the essence of their personalities on film and not in a posed fashion, in a completely unsolicited natural way. " -Mary Nelson

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your pictures are worth a dictionary. Anyone can take a pretty picture, but not anyone can capture a moment. J.D. has some special magic when it comes to photography. He captures those intimate fleeting moments of your kids being themselves. The only difficulty you'll have is trying to narrow down your choices...You really are a genius with a camera. Thank you." -Dr. & Mrs. Craig Smith

"These are some of the greatest compositions and attention to light that I've seen in stills. Often for me stills do not capture the whole moment. Sometimes the expression, sometimes the composition, sometimes the light, but often none of these together. You've captured it all. And done so artistically...These images moved me and that is what photography is all about." -Kevin McKnight Director of Photography Testimonial Text