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About Me

Although I have worked with motion picture cameras in the entertainment industry for the past 25 years, my photographic style developed mainly from chasing my own children around with a camera.


I eventually realized that my favorite pictures of them were not the perfect posed ones, but those that captured them lost in the simple pleasures of childhood.


Playing with a piece of string, burying their feet in the sand, or just gazing out the window are the images that have come to mean the most to me. They are the pictures that capture their personalities, and it's how I would like to remember their childhood.


So, while every parent needs that perfect "say cheese" portrait, I hope to provide another dimension to your child's portfolio. I like to work in a location where your child is relaxed and comfortable, so it's easier for their personality to emerge.


Sessions usually last about an hour and a half, but I like to take my time, making sure the lens sees what makes your child unique.


I live in Los Angeles, and work all over Southern California. I would love the opportunity to create photographs and memories for your family that will last a lifetime. Please call with any other questions you have.